30 de May de 2020

Our Story

We have spent several years in the food manufacturing industry in Oceania, Asia and Africa. During that time, we channeled our energy towards delighting our consumers with quality products, delivering competitive advantage by improving efficiency and reducing waste, while achieving global business compliance standards.

However, the increasing impact to climate change from current waste management practices, coupled with population growth headed towards 9.5 Billion by 2050 and growing demand for animal protein, we began to realize that the existing food supply chain model cannot sustainably meet this challenge. In the belief that during the next three decades, there must be a way to recover more from organic waste to help offset this food supply chain conundrum, we became willing advocates to the simplicity and powerful circular economy solution that the commonly found black solder fly insect can provide at scale to meet this challenge.

In bringing this Waste to Resource (WTR) circular business model to fruition we decided in 2020 to start our Biovert Protein company in Thailand first, to build momentum in the use of this technology and to begin to make a sustainable difference in the world we live in.