nature-driven solution

converts organic waste into protein and restores clean water

The first nature based key injects tiny air bubbles into wastewater to unlock clean water. The second key uses the black soldier fly insect to unlock nutrients in the removed organics.


Our Team

Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals from the manufacturing sector, we are passionate about developing sustainable and scalable solutions that not only minimize our ecological footprint, but also have a positive impact on both the environment and society. A strong commitment, combined with an innovative mindset makes us turn challenges into opportunities.

Our team is led by:

Our team is led by:

Peter Hamilton

Co-Founder & CEO

A people oriented savvy senior manufacturing leader with more than 30-years proven experience in the food industry and direct factory management of two greenfield dry pet-food manufacturing plants in Asia. Food Technology degree.
Our team is led by:

Arturo Gomez

Co-Founder & CTO

Performance-oriented entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology. 20- years experience in aspects of business operation and administration. Law degree.

We are proud to announce that on July 21, 2022, BIOVERT PROTEIN was selected as the WINNER of the WATER COUNCIL'S TECH CHALLENGE.

Making minus a plus

The Biovert Protein waste-to-resource business model prevents a minus outcome to the environment by creating a plus through upcycling organic waste into a renewable resource.

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